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Trusted groomers open new premier salon for your pets in Ladner Village

Studio One Professional Pet Grooming delivers stress-free experience for all dog breeds and cats
Studio One features three professionally trained on-site groomers, skilled in grooming dogs and cats of all sizes. Photo via Studio One

Just as your personal care needs are unique, so too are your pet's. 

You want a safe, reliable, caring groomer you can entrust with your furry family member, who will leave with their tail wagging. After all, if you're looking your best and Instagram ready, your pet should be happy, healthy and stylish, too.

Studio One Professional Pet Grooming checks all the boxes. Originally founded in Tsawwassen by long-time expert groomer Paul Negrign, who's somewhat of a celebrity in the community, it has attracted a loyal following of pet parents with his 58-year industry experience.

Together with new owner and manager, Anu Sharma, they opened in South Delta's Ladner Village in May. The 1,500 square-foot brand new facility currently has three groomers: Negrign, Sharma, Nikki (previously with PetSmart and specializing in cat grooming) and other support staff. They're all experienced in canine behaviour, and body language and achieved the necessary education as high-level professional dog groomers.

"I trained at the Western Dog Grooming School and also earned two additional certifications, Dog Talk and Canine Specialist," says Sharma. "Plus, with the new facility, I'm happy to give anyone a tour and answer any questions people may have."

The importance of dog grooming

Paul, one of Studio One's lead groomers, brings over 40 years of experience in the pet grooming industry. Photo via Studio One

Grooming is essential to your pet's health and wellness. Without proper and routine grooming care and hygiene—which ranges from bathing, nail clipping, ear cleaning and more—your dog can be at risk for negative health effects, such as coat issues, skin infections and injuries from overgrown nails, just to name a few.

Studio One's comprehensive services include packages with prices that can vary, depending on the breed and size:  

Bath and Brush: tub scrub, blow dry, brush out, ear cleaning, nail trim, sanitary trim and paw pad shave; Bath and Tidy+: includes Bath and Brush services, plus face and feet trimming; Nail Trimming: for all-sized dogs, no appointment necessary; Nail Grinding, appointment only; Full Groom: includes Bath and Tidy services, and clipper blade/clipper comb cut on body and legs, head trim and tail trim; de-matting not included.

"We have all modernized equipment, low velocity and high velocity driers and two bathing stations, with one electric tub that can be lowered so bigger dogs can climb in easily, and raised according to a groomer's height," explains Sharma.

"We use high-quality products and various shampoos, medicated and hypoallergenic aloe vera, and regular shampoos, too. If your dog requires a specific kind, has allergies or any skin conditions, we use the appropriate shampoo according to their needs."

Between professional grooming appointments, Sharma advises to brush your dog regularly to avoid matting, and bring your dog in while he/she is a puppy, so they become acclimated with the process and are less likely to be anxious during later visits. "It varies with breed, size, and a dog's coat, but owners should bring (larger) dogs in for grooming by seven months."

Safety and studio areas

Studio One's 1,500-square-foot facility is located in the heart of Ladner Village at 4814 Haviland St. Photo via Studio One

The team creates an environment that makes your pet feel safe and comfortable, which includes three dog areas, with cage banks for both big and small dogs, plus four large runs for large and extra-large dogs. As well, there are separate areas and grooming stations for cats.

"We have a safety strap, a noose that's loosely attached to the arm on our hydraulic grooming tables, which are also height adjustable," reveals Sharma. "To help dogs who may be anxious or stressed, we speak to them by name, reassure them, and talk to them calmly, so they know that we're safe and they think, 'oh, this person knows me.'"

"Pet parents can have peace of mind when they leave their furry companion with us, as we provide the most compassionate care and respect for all the animals."

"People have embraced Studio One and have shown us the same affection, and I'm very grateful to our Ladner community," she says. "We provide a very welcoming atmosphere and a fear-free environment."

For more information or to book a grooming appointment, visit or call them at 604-943-7812 or 604-940-9431. You can also stay up to date with Studio One by following them on Instagram and Facebook.