AHS Tax Group: professionals specializing in sales taxes

With a combined experience of more than 75 years working for Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), the founders of AHS Tax Group understand the complexities of sales tax.

"We specialize in helping businesses recover GST and PST that may have been overpaid in error," says Andrew Adolph, CPA CGA, General Manager of AHS Tax Group. "Many business owners don't realize that by going back four years, as allowed by law, the potential for recovery is huge."

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Along with the experience comes a confidence that AHS will find an overpayment, or the bill for their services is free.

"It's rare that we don't find anything," Andrew explains. "As businesses grow, we often find that they don't have the resources or expertise necessary to recover overpaid taxes. Sometimes it's a case of just not claiming the correct eligible amount of GST paid, or the accounting software is calculating the wrong rates, or an inexperienced bookkeeper. Whatever the reason, we can help."

AHS Tax Group can also help companies that deal with cross-border sales tax issues.

"We can assist businesses in making sure that their cross-border transactions are structured properly to make them eligible to claim any legitimate input taxes," Andrew says. "We make sure that any transaction can stand up to CRA scrutiny, so the owner can sleep at night without worrying whether the correct tax has been paid."

AHS Tax simplifies the procedure for clients by performing the work outside of the business.

"Typically, all the work is done on computers," Andrew explains. "That means that we don't need to interrupt the client's daily operations. We can take their records and perform the work offsite."

For more information about AHS Tax Group and their commitment to find overpaid sales tax or their services are free, call 604.200.5418, email andrew@AHStaxgroup.ca, or visit the website http://www.ahstaxgroup.ca. AHS Tax Group can also be found on Facebook and Twitter.

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