Choosing the right shade: 5 benefits of cellular window coverings

For many people, window coverings serve a very specific purpose: privacy.

In other words, they separate a home’s interior from the outside world.

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Drapes, blinds, and shutters all do a good job of this, but if you’re looking to create a cozy, secure space away from the harsh light of day, cellular shades are an excellent option, according to Tara Anderson, co-owner of Budget Blinds in Delta.

“They’re harder to clean, because they’re fabric,” she says. “But they keep out more light.”

Cellular shades have five key advantages, according to Anderson:

1.     A top-down approach. While all window coverings are adjustable, allowing in some amount of light, cellular shades can be designed to lower from the top, for the sake of privacy, or rise from the bottom.

2.     Keeping it dark and cozy. Depending on the area of the house, light-blocking shades can be ideal. There are four fabric options when it comes to cellular shades – sheer, light filtering, room darkening and blackout. This way, you can control light and privacy levels in each room of your home – keeping bedrooms dark for sleeping, for instance, while the kitchen can stay light and airy.

3.     A perfect fit.Not all windows are created equal, particularly when it comes to size and shape. While a uniquely shaped window is a lovely element in a home, it can be hard to cover with blinds or drapes without obscuring those unique qualities. Cellular shades can be customized to fit most window shapes, including hexagons, octagons, arches and skylights.

4.     Works well with others. A shade can serve many purposes, but if you’re looking to add other decorative window coverings, a cellular shade can be easily paired with other types. These can include drapes, vertical shades for covering large windows and sliding glass doors, and valances or pleated fabric at the top of a window to allow some light in.

5.     Protection from the elements. Energy efficient cellular shades provide a layer of protection from the outside world, keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter, and saving you money while maintaining the perfect temperature in your home.

When choosing window coverings, it’s important to keep in mind what matters most to you, Anderson says. For some it’s privacy. For others it’s light levels or style.

To learn more about cellular shades and other window treatments, visit Budget Blinds in Delta at #125-7391 Vantage Way, Delta, or call them at 604-948-3088 or visit their website.

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