Delta dentist uses holistic approach and modern technology

Nature’s Design Dental has been in business for more than 50 years but it’s anything but old-fashioned.

When you visit the dentist, you think that you’re just having your teeth checked, but according to Dr. Ross Gorrell, General Dentist and Dr. Ash Kler, General Dentist of Nature’s Design in Tsawwassen, in an ideal situation, there’s much more going on.

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Their practice takes a holistic, biological approach to dentistry, explain the dentists, who founded the practice in 1968. “We believe in the connection between oral health and general health. Your mouth is not isolated from the rest of your body.”

Some of the ways Nature’s Design Dental differs from your average dentist? They work closely with naturopaths, who often refer patients to them to safely remove mercury fillings. They have a Velscope tool that can detect oral cancer before it becomes symptomatic and a phase microscope so they can examine the oral microbiome to check for problematic bacteria that could be associated with serious health conditions. Where possible, they use a laser instead of a drill, and have an ozone device that remineralizes teeth to reverse the effects of decay.

“We do a lot of work with patients’ bites,” say Dr. Kler and Dr. Gorrell. “There’s a strong correlation between bad bites and headaches, migraines and neck problems. Correcting the bite can make a huge difference.” The team believes in complete transparency with patients. “We have a device that can assess the bite and show where the muscles are working too hard and so on. We also use a high-resolution camera and a scanner that demonstrates wear and tear on the teeth. It’s very important that patients can see the reasons behind any treatment we might suggest. Our approach is that the best thing you can have in your mouth is a tooth that’s had no work done on it”.

After more than 50 years practicing dentistry, Dr. Gorrell and Dr. Kler aren’t bored. “What keeps things exciting for us is that we’re always students,” they say. “We like the work, the team and our patients. In fact, we’ve seen many patients grow up and treated many generations. While we have a very modern approach to dentistry, people always remark on how friendly Nature’s Design Dental is – like going into someone’s living room, rather than a waiting room.”

Nature’s Dentist is at 201 - 5405 12th Ave, Delta. Find out more at, email or phone 604-943-2291.

Clinicians:  Dr. Ross Gorrell, General Dentist

                   Dr. Ash Kler, General Dentist

                  Dr. Priya Jagadish, General Dentist

Owners:   Altima BC Dental Corp. 

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