Divorce is emotional. Getting a new mortgage doesn’t have to be

When a couple is going through a separation or divorce, it’s already an emotionally charged situation.

Add to it the need to sell the matrimonial home, or to have one spouse buy out the other, and it’s important to work with someone who can help them move on with their lives without conflict.

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“People who are in the midst of a separation or divorce need someone who will help with the emotional stress — someone who will listen and take their calls at any time. If they need an answer at seven at night, someone needs to be there for them,” says Jennifer Wheeler, a Royal Bank mortgage specialist based in Delta.

Many referrals come from realtors who know how her previous career as a victim services caseworker with the Delta police has honed her abilities as a facilitator. “Having someone in the middle who can remain confidential, speak to both parties and be respectful of the situation is vital,” she says. “Clients need to know that whatever is said by one party is not going to be repeated to the other.”

The process may include a mortgage pre-approval or looking at what’s involved with a spousal buy-out. “A lot of the time it involves adding co-signers to applications to assist qualifying or finding creative solutions,” Wheeler adds. “If they can’t buy right now, how do we get them there in six months to a year? What is the financial plan?”

That’s where being part of the Royal Bank team is extremely beneficial. “I can bring in a financial planner and an account manager and we can have a collaborative meeting so my client gets an overall financial plan that’s in their best interests.”

Some clients have turned to her after meeting with another mortgage professional. “They can get confused about what the different options and products are and what makes the most sense for them. When they gather a second opinion and find the information for themselves, they tend to be more clear and make better financial choices. Instead of fixating on interest rates, they focus more on the value of a good quality mortgage product such as our HomeLine Plan. Mortgage rates are important but they’re not everything.”

Advice is key, especially when you’re making big life decisions. If you’d like to talk to Jennifer Wheeler about your mortgage needs, email her through this online form, visit the website at mortgage.rbc.com/jennifer.wheeler or call her at 604-306-5480.

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