Sales Tax Audit? AHS Tax Group can help

It happens to most businesses at some point: the morning mail brings a notice of an intended audit by Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) of their GST and PST accounting and remittances. Before you panic, you might want to give AHS Tax Group a quick call.

"We specialize in GST and PST remittances, audits, reassessments, and making sure a business doesn't pay more sales tax than it needs to," says Andrew Adolph, CPA CGA, General Manager of AHS Tax Group.

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With over 75 years combined experience working for CRA, Andrew and his colleagues at AHS Tax Group are experienced in the nuances of the legislation and helping taxpayers make sure that they don't pay more than they should.

"Before an audit notice, business owners should contact us to review their accounting and sales tax remittances," says Andrew. "We can go back up to four years and make sure they haven't overpaid or that they have claimed all eligible rebates. If we don't find anything, which is rare, our services are free. But business owners often don't realize that going back four years means that the potential for recovery is huge."

However, if the audit notice has already landed on your desk, Andrew can still help.

"CRA published a Taxpayer Bill of Rights several years ago," he says. "The number one right is that you only have to pay the taxes required by law, nothing more."

Along with only paying required tax, the Bill also notes that a business has rights concerning the CRA audit.

"For example, many business owners don't realize that if, for some reason, they're having difficulties with a CRA auditor, or if they disagree with the auditor's findings, they can request a different auditor. In addition, a taxpayer has the right to make a service complaint without any repercussions."

Most people recoil with dread at the thought of an auditor reviewing their accounting records, even if they've taken all the steps necessary to make sure that the correct amount of tax has been paid.

"They should just call us," advises Andrew. "We know the legislation, we understand GST and PST, and we understand the audit process. We can help guide the business owner through the audit as well as make sure that they understand the remittance and input tax credit procedures."

For more information about AHS Tax Group and for help with that GST or PST audit, call 604.200.5418, email, or visit the website. AHS Tax Group can also be found on Facebook and Twitter.

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