Say hello to Delta’s Health and Fitness Stars

There’s no question that when you take the time to invest in your body through regular exercise and a healthy diet with adequate supplementation, you will enjoy the benefits of increased energy and vitality that are bound to improve other areas of your life. But with our busy lives that often include demanding career and family obligations it can be hard to make time for meal planning, proper hydration and rest (not to mention a gym session).

To help take the guesswork out of creating a healthy lifestyle for you and your family, The Delta Optimist has curated a list of the top health and fitness businesses in the area that can support you in achieving all of your health and wellness goals. This list includes service providers as well as retail stores carrying fitness apparel, equipment and supplements. You can view the list of Delta Health and Fitness Stars here:

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If you are living in the Delta area and you are looking for a personal trainer, a sports nutritionist, a chiropractor, a masseuse, a life coach, a running apparel store or a new fitness club (including one that is kid-friendly!), we’ve got some stellar recommendations for you.  

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