Sylvan Learning Centre tailors programs for your child

The Delta & Tsawwassen Sylvan Learning Centre molds its programs to suit your child’s needs—not the other way around.

“We maximize the students’ time here by having customized programs and giving each student one-on-one attention,” says Brianne Kirkby, the centre’s Director. “In groups, you can be wasting time if certain students already understand something, while others don’t. We make sure they’re always engaged, challenged, and learning.”

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Every child who passes through the Sylvan Learning Centre’s doors undergoes an assessment to evaluate their reading, writing, and math levels.

A sophisticated program then generates different modules to encompass different learning styles, which a student works through with a tutor.

When customizing the programs, the Sylvan Learning Centre recognizes students can be at various levels within each subject.

“We can have two children who need help with reading,” says Kirkby. “But one child might need more help with comprehension, while the other struggles with vocabulary. Developing different programs for each is important.”

The Sylvan Learning Centre conducts research across Canada, and around the world, drawing on what educational professionals are doing in various countries.

“We’ll look at Asia, the United Arab Emirates, people at the top of their fields, to see what they’re doing and how it can be applied to our students,” says Kirkby. “Having an at-home tutor is one thing, but his or her field of knowledge only encompasses what they’re familiar with.”

“We encompass everything,” he says. “Hundreds of people and resources go into these programs, and everything is individualized, which is an added benefit.”

The Delta & Tsawwassen Sylvan Learning Centre helps students from primary school to secondary school, and provides university/college prep, as well. It also supports various community programs such as TD Canadian Children’s Book Week, which encourages kids to read.

If you’d like to learn how the Delta & Tsawwassen Sylvan Learning Centre’sprogramming can help your child, visit, or call 604-943-6022. 

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