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Metro Vancouver's Tsawwassen water reservoir undergoing big upgrade

The in-system reservoir is one of 27 in the region
Most of the work has been taking place inside the reservoir to minimize construction impacts on the surrounding community. Metro Vancouver

Work is substantially complete on one of Metro Vancouver’s major reservoir seismic upgrade project in Tsawwassen.

That’s according to a recent report to the Regional District Water Committee on major capital projects including the Pebble Hill Reservoir, which has been undergoing a seismic upgrade to ensure the continued delivery of clean, safe drinking water, especially during an emergency event.

Located at Pebble Hill Park, it is one of the region’s 27 in-system reservoirs to help maintain the required water pressure needed during peak times.

Costing more than $7 million, the project involved the seismic upgrade of Reservoir Unit 1 and 2 to withstand and remain in operation following a major earthquake.

Construction achieved substantial completion in 2023, which involved strengthening the footings, walls, and roof of the structures. The project is to be completed by this fall.

Part of a long list of water reservoir seismic upgrades, a separate tender will be issued in the future for the Unit 3 upgrade. That project’s cost is currently estimated at more than $12 million.

The report also notes that the 2023 to 2027 Water Services capital budget included $399.9 million for capital projects in 2023 and a total of $2.7 billion over five years. In 2023, there were 145 projects on the five-year capital plan.

Those projects are driven by system expansion requirements to meet the needs of a growing population, upgrades to improve system resiliency, and maintenance of aging infrastructure, the report notes.