Stars of Vancouver 2019: Chef Ernst Dorfler and Gerry Sayers’s best of the city

Chef Ernst Dorfler and Gerry Sayers, Five Sails Restaurant 

First place fine dining

Favourite thing to do in Vancouver:

Cycle the Stanley Park seawall in the fall.

What’s one thing you’d change about Vancouver if you could?

Improve the subway system and add a tunnel to the North Shore.

What’s one thing you’d like everyone to shut up about in Vancouver?

The rain... what rain?!

You’ve been given $100, where are you spending it?

Go skiing on Grouse Mountain on a sunny weekday afternoon.

Favourite spot in the city to walk:

Spanish Banks and Jericho Beach.

Best patio:

Our own garden terrace!

Favourite local restaurant:

L’Abattoir — best brunch in the city.

Favourite local grocery store:

Apple Farm on West Fourth Avenue and Vine. They call Ernst the “mango man.”

Favourite Vancouver neighbourhood:

Kitsilano. Mature trees, character houses, close to the beaches and Les Amis du Fromage!

Best local venue to see live music:

Christ Church Cathedral on West Georgia Street.

Favourite local musician or band:

Chor Leoni Men’s Choir.

Favourite place for people watching:


Favourite coffee shop:

Thomas Haas on West Broadway.

Favourite brewery:

Red Truck.

Favourite Vancouver building:

Downtown Vancouver Public Library.

Favourite Canuck of all time:

Trevor Linden and his big heart.

Where’s one place you’d recommend in Vancouver that feels nothing like Vancouver?

Nibobe Garden at UBC.