Stars of Vancouver 2019: Tran Tran’s best of the city

Tran Tran, Quidditas 

First place health and wellness centre

Favourite thing to do in Vancouver:

Taking a stroll on the seawall.

What’s one thing you’d change about Vancouver if you could?

Housing prices.

What’s one thing you’d like everyone to shut up about in Vancouver?

The rain.

You’ve been given $100, where are you spending it?


Favourite spot in the city to walk:


Best patio:


Favourite local restaurant:


Favourite local grocery store:

The Persian Market on Commercial Drive.

Favourite Vancouver neighbourhood:

Commercial Drive because of authentic people/families and Fairview because of beautiful trees and seawall.

Best local venue to see live music:

Cafe Deux Soleil.

Favourite local musician or band:

The Boom Booms.

Favourite place for people watching:

Granville Island.

Favourite coffee shop:


Favourite Vancouver building:

The one downtown that’s wide on the top and narrow on the bottom.

Where’s one place you’d recommend in Vancouver that feels nothing like Vancouver?

Everything feels like Vancouver.