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Candidate bio: Julien Jacques

Julien Jacques is an independent candidate for council
Julien Jacques
Julien Jacques (Independent)

Julien feels called to deliver much needed leadership for Delta in building a municipal framework that prioritizes helping local businesses grow, allows everyone to share their ideas without fear of retribution, and helps their citizens in building financial stability for themselves and their family.

You’ll find Julien at Barnside, Centennial Beach, fishing at Deas Island and cycling around Delta.

He’s 35 years old, a landlord, and is looking to bring a different perspective to council.

He’ll be donating a year's worth of his salary to local residents who do not own property.

What are your election issues?

The top issue that Julien will be tackling is helping local small businesses, by reducing licensing requirements and speeding up the approval processes.

To support local small businesses, the City of Delta should be simplifying the processes for setting up a local shop.

With a focus on community first, the second issue Julien will focus on is in helping Delta citizens build financial stability for themselves and their family. This means building a municipal framework that helps renters get on the property equity ladder without removing those who are already on the ladder. Using novel financial instruments, we can lower the barriers to entry of home ownership, and allow everyone to invest and retain equity in real estate. 

Lastly, Julien believes in keeping our farmlands protected, our greenspaces vibrant and accessible. Julien’s decisions will always be framed under the idea of “Community First”, ensuring that our neighbours are looking out for one another, and that everyone feels comfortable saying hello to each other on the sidewalk. 

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