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Candidate bio: Masako Gooch

Masako Gooch is a school trustee candidate running under the Achieving for Delta banner
Masako Gooch
Masako Gooch (Achieving for Delta)

A facilitator of community dialogue, Masako Gooch is a fierce community advocate for diversity, equality and closing the gap on disparities in health and education.

She is eager to bring this passion and her skillset as a consensus-builder to the Delta School Board. Masako is driven to bring fresh ideas to the table and build on the school board’s progress towards enriching the school environment for all children in Delta, including her young children who will soon enter the system.

A true animal lover, Masako spent much of her career as a registered veterinary technician before redirecting her passion as an educator in healthcare and deciding to go back to school to become a nurse.

Masako is a busy mom to three young children, but she still makes time to stay active by running and training for triathlons, gardening and horseback riding. 

What are your election issues?

As a mother of three young children, current and future students in the Delta school system, I have a vested interest in advocating for all students in the district.

I believe a strong foundation is vital to life-long learning, and that every child deserves to feel empowered, supported and nurtured in their education.

I also believe that educators need to be supported and heard, as their role is invaluable in providing the cornerstones of learning and knowledge.

My top priorities are advocating for greater supports for both teachers and students, as well as promoting an inclusive atmosphere for learning.

School should remain a safe space for all students, regardless of learning needs, gender identity, sexual orientation, culture, or socioeconomic background. I also believe a top priority needs to be increased advocacy for funding at the provincial and federal level for students of all learning abilities.

If elected, I will also ensure greater supports for mental health, physical activity, and health literacy for students, as well-being greatly impacts meaningful participation in learning, communication, and fostering healthy relationships.

I believe in a healthy partnership with teachers and staff, where areas of concern can be discussed, is of vital importance.

Increasing trustee visibility and collaboration with families and school staff is imperative to creating inclusive school communities, where voices are heard.

Based on discussion with teachers in the district, student funding, salary, and cost of living in the Lower Mainland are main concerns when it comes to recruitment and retainment of teachers.

If elected, I will advocate to the provincial government that salaries need to keep up with the rising cost of living, as our teachers are invaluable.