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B.C. man wants answers after being hit by car and left

wade avenue and martin street
The intersection at Wade Avenue and Martin Street in Penticton.

A Penticton man is hoping somebody saw something after he says a car hit him in an intersection and fled the scene.

Ryan Whynot was walking across the street at Wade Avenue and Martin Street, heading west, Wednesday afternoon around 2:15 p.m. when the incident occurred.

"The lady was coming down Wade, making a left turn onto Martin. When I got my green and my walk signal to go, I guess she tried to, I don't know, get ahead, I'm not really sure why," Whynot said.

"I was almost the full way through and she made the turn, I tumbled over the hood and rolled a few times in the street and she took off."

Whynot said he was at the hospital for about four hours after the incident, and came away with a diagnosed concussion and a broken foot encased in a cast, along with bruising and pain all up and down the rest of his body.

"Apparently putting your arms out and trying to stop an SUV is probably not going to work," Whynot said.

RCMP canvassed the area, he said, looking for cameras that might have had a view, but nothing captured the incident.

"I would like somebody to come forward, or hopefully even her," Whynot said.

He did not catch a licence plate, but he recalls the vehicle was a light blue, mid-sized SUV, and believes it was driven by a woman.

Anyone with information can contact Penticton RCMP at (250) 492-4300.