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Coastal GasLink fined $213,600

Levy stems from February 2022 inspection near Kitimat
Coastal GasLink construction crews lower in a section of pipe along Section 8 near Kitimat.

The B.C. Environmental Assessment Office has issued a $213,600 fine to Coastal GasLink Pipeline Ltd.

The step was taken in answer to "erosion and sediment control measures identified by compliance and enforcement officers" during inspections of pipeline construction in Section 8 near Kitimat in February 2022, the EAO said in a statement issued Tuesday.

It was the third time EAO has levied a fine against Coastal GasLink. More than 50 inspections have been carried out along the pipeline construction route since the project started in 2019, with 37 warnings, 17 orders and two prior financial penalties: $72,500 in February 2022; and $170,100 in May 2022.

"Recurring issues with erosion and sediment control over the past year have resulted in ongoing compliance and enforcement action, though more recent inspections are showing improvements on the ground following implementation of a compliance agreement in July 2022," EAO said in the statement.

Compliance and enforcement officers have recommended additional financial penalties from other inspections in 2022, which are under consideration.

In a statement, Coastal GasLink officials said it it respects the EAO's role in "upholding the high regulatory standards that we are committed to meeting," and stressed the fine is in answer to concerns raised from an inspection a year ago.

"We took immediate and decisive action to address these issues, which ultimately led to the Compliance Agreement we signed with the provincial Minister of Environment and Climate Change Strategy in July 2022," officials said.

"Today’s determination by the EAO is a reminder of how far we’ve come in a year, and we are encouraged by their recent recognition of that progress. We continue to work closely with our regulators to look for ways where we can do better across our project, especially with erosion and sediment control."