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Over 100 gathered outside City Hall for Ukraine support rally in Kelowna, B.C.

Signs were held that read 'end the war', 'peace,' and 'stand for Ukraine'

Over 100 people gathered outside Kelowna's City Hall Sunday afternoon to show support with Ukraine.

A rally was held just after 2 p.m. that saw many people dressed in Ukraine's yellow and blue.

Signs were held that read 'end the war', 'peace,' and 'stand for Ukraine'.

President of the Ukrainian Cultural Society Peter Bihun says he was pleased to see a large number of people gather.

"This is the second rally and of course, this one is much, much larger. We are just so happy to see so many folks here today supporting Ukraine."

"We are taking donations that will be sent to Ukrainian Canadian Congress and that is going for humanitarian aid because there are now probably more than 100,000 people, possible millions and there is an incredible destruction of property and injury there," he said.

Sunday was Denys Storozhuk's third rally.

Storozhuk was at the first rally in Kelowna Thursday and on Saturday he made the trip to Vancouver for another rally.

"I am really thankful to the Canadian Kelowna community the people that support us. We brought some information to share with the people here where they can donate and if they want to support. Any support is really helpful."

Storozhuk says he remains hopeful.

"I'm praying and I hope that it will stop in a few days I hope that Russia... they are almost out of their resources. Human resources and weapon resources and everything."

If you would like to support the humanitarian aid for Ukraine visit