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Vancouver man scratches winning lotto ticket, plans to buy Tesla

He bought the ticket at the gas station - but he won't be needing those pumps soon.
Set for Life lottery ticket winner Van Nam Nguyen.

A Vancouver man is seeing a lot of dollar signs lately, metaphorically and literally.

Van Nam Nguyen bought a Set for Life ticket at the Mobil Gas Station on Grandview Highway in Vancouver, but saved it for when he got home and scratched it there.

"I saw two cash symbols come up and started to get excited and then I saw the third one,” he recalls in a press release. “I couldn’t believe it – I was very excited and happy."

That drive home from the gas station will be a thing of the past for him soon.

“I told my sister that I finally had the money to buy a Tesla and she thought that I was kidding,” Nguyen says.

He wasn't.

Luckily for his sister, Nguyen is thinking of gifting some of the prize money to his family as well as putting some towards a new home.

Set for Life lottery tickets are scratch-and-win tickets with a top prize of $1,000 a week for 25 years or a one-time payment of $675,000. They're only in B.C.