Burnaby tai chi teacher shares free classes with strata

Kenneth Lagerstrom wanted to give back to his community during the COVID-19 pandemic. So he decided to give classes.

“I couldn’t really help out any other way. I’m not fit enough to go out and get groceries for people,” he said, adding people in his strata have been doing so. “Tai chi is so good for everything to do with the immune system and we’ve got this thing going around.”

As a certified tai chi instructor and kung fu sifu (master), Lagerstrom thought the best way he could help those at his strata was to get them moving.

“I kept seeing tai chi classes shut down everywhere,” he said, adding, “I’m lucky enough to live in a strata with a nice big tennis court.”

Lagerstrom lives in Brent Gardens on Halifax Street in Burnaby and is offering free tai chi classes to strata members and their families.

The space allows for more than two metres (6.5 feet) between each participant, he said.

Tai chi helps aid breathing, blood pressure and immune function, he added.

He has written approval from the strata, Lagerstrom said.

“At this point, even if they aren’t keeping it open for tennis, apparently we can keep it open for tai chi,” he said of the tennis courts.

This is a calming way to help others, he added.

“Teaching tai chi a couple of times a week, that’s way less of a commitment than being on strata council,” he said, adding he had previously been on his council.

He had his first student participate on Saturday.

He’ll continue teaching twice a week as long as possible, he said.

“As long as I’m allowed and as long as I’m physically able,” Lagerstrom said.

Classes are on Tuesdays and Saturdays at 10 a.m.


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