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Vancouver police chief Adam Palmer earned $464,207 in 2023

City manager Paul Mochrie collected $364,873, Mayor Ken Sim $200,397
Police Chief Adam Palmer was one of the highest paid public sector employees in Vancouver in 2023.

Police Chief Adam Palmer’s total compensation in 2023 was $464,207, according to information released by the Vancouver Police Department Wednesday.

The chief’s earnings were $29,725 less than in 2022, but his income last year still made Palmer one of the highest paid public sector employees in Vancouver in 2023.

The VPD posted the earnings of Palmer and 11 other senior officers on its website the same day the City of Vancouver released its annual statement of financial information.

That document lists the earnings of all non-police officers, including senior managers, firefighters and city council, who earned more than $75,000 in 2023.

Officers’ names and income are not included in the city document because of a privacy ruling made years ago. At the same time, the VPD continues to proactively release the earnings of the chief and his executive under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.

Technically, the Vancouver Police Board is the employer of Palmer and his officers, but the VPD’s budget is approved by city council and funded by the city’s operating budget, which is $1.6-billion this year.

Jason Kuzminski, executive director of the police board, couldn’t immediately provide details on why Palmer’s compensation was $29,725 less in 2023 than in 2022. But Kuzminski said the posted information on the chief’s earnings is not solely based on salary.

“The VPD’s executive remuneration and expenses summary discloses the gross earnings [including salary, pension and benefits, and vacation payouts] owed under contract to those on the list,” he said in an email Wednesday.

The other officers (and their earnings) listed were:

• Deputy Chief Fiona Wilson, $361,065

• Deputy Chief Howard Chow, $351,805

• Deputy Chief Steve Rai, $354,582

• Supt. Andrew Chan, $233,671

• Supt. Howard Tran, $230,417

• Supt. Don Chapman, $227,246

• Supt. Tyrone Sideroff, $226,511

• Supt. Lisa Byrne, $225,354

• Supt. Shelley Horne, $217,388

• Supt. Alison Laurin, $215, 527

• Supt. Tanya Whysker, $210,194

City manager Paul Mochrie in the council chamber at Vancouver city hall. Photo Mike Howell

City manager Paul Mochrie

Meanwhile, the City of Vancouver paid $679,601,939 in total compensation to employees in 2023, with more than 30 senior staff collecting $200,000 or more in income.

City manager Paul Mochrie topped the list of employees listed in the document at $364,873.

Other top earners in 2023 were:

• Chief financial officer Patrice Impey, $321,676

• Deputy city manager Karen Levitt, $319,394

• Deputy city manager Sandra Singh, $319,222

• Deputy city manager Armin Amrolia, $293,336

• Fire Chief Karen Fry, $288,790

• General manager of engineering services, Lon LaClaire, $311,178

• Chief librarian Christina de Castell, $294,669

• Director of legal services Francie Connell, $320,463

• Chief human resources officer Andrew Naklicki, $266,538

• Park board general manager Steve Jackson, $236,448

• Auditor general Mike Macdonell, $287,038

The city’s statement of financial information says remuneration for employees includes “payouts of vacation, gratuity and overtime banks.” The information does not provide a breakdown of salary and benefits.

Mayor Ken Sim, councillors

Mayor Ken Sim collected $200,937 in 2023, and is expected to earn $205,914 this year.

The 10 city councillors’ earnings last year were not consistent because of various additional paid duties, including serving as deputy mayor, acting mayor or duty councillor.

• Rebecca Bligh, $114,358

• Christine Boyle, $109,628

• Adriane Carr, $109,628

• Lisa Dominato, $114,516

• Pete Fry, $109,628

• Sarah Kirby-Yung, $116,682

• Mike Klassen, $109,628

• Peter Meiszner, $111,015

• Brian Montague, $108,301

• Lenny Zhou, $109,628

3.4% raise

Councillors will each earn almost $102,000 in base salary this year.

The increase from $98,585 in 2023 to $101,937 is because of a 3.4 per cent raise that kicked in Jan. 1.

Though the increase wasn’t as significant as the boost in 2023 — 7.3 per cent — councillors’ salaries have steadily increased in years, with their base salary roughly $10,000 lower in 2022 at $91,878.

Pay increases in recent years have been as follows: 3.8 per cent in 2022, 0.3 per cent in 2021, 2.3 per cent in 2020 and 2.7 per cent in 2019.

The councillors’ earnings exclude expense allowances or compensation related to board member work at Metro Vancouver.

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