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Rain, rain (it’s here to stay): the sturdiest umbrellas available right now

Sturdy rain protection options from top-rated Repel to the Queen Elizabeth-favourite Fulton birdcage umbrella.
 yuanyuan yan:Getty Images
Looks like rain.

So many Canadians feel a pang of regret when they remember “the one that got away”—the perfect umbrella they accidentally left behind on a bus or in the communal stand at the front of a cafe. Replacing a long-lost love isn’t easy, but with fall weather approaching, moving on is essential. We’ve sourced five different styles of sturdy umbrellas for adults (and one for kids) for the next rainy day. (And the rain day after that, and the one after that…).


Repel portable umbrella.

For those of us living in a rainy climate, having an umbrella tucked away in a purse or backpack is a habit. This highly rated and bestselling Repel umbrella gets a lot of praise for unique features like nine fibreglass-coated ribs (as opposed to 6-8 metal ribs), an automatic open/close button (so no risk of pinching a finger fussing with it), a rubber handle that helps with grip, a vented canopy (so the wind passes through the umbrella, rather than flipping it inside out) and a Teflon-coated finish for quick drying.

Who it's ideal for: Anyone who needs a small and reliable umbrella.

Why we're endorsing it: Brand trust, user reviews.

Where it could use improvements: More expensive than most other small umbrellas.

Size/weight/dimensions: 11.5”L.

Price: $29.99 at Amazon.


Fulton birdcage umbrella.

This clear Fulton umbrella offers extra coverage around the neck and shoulders and the fibreglass frame is sturdy enough to withstand gusts of wind. Because it’s transparent and the spokes face down instead of out, it could also be handy on a busy sidewalk to avoid knocking into people. This particular style was the umbrella of choice for Queen Elizabeth II.

Who it's ideal for: Anyone who wants to navigate rainy days like a royal.

Why we're endorsing it: Brand trust, shape, sturdiness.

Where it could use improvements: Castle not included.

Size/weight/dimensions: 92cm  L.

Price: $35 at Indigo

(For a similar style without the posh price tag, Joe Fresh has a bubble umbrella with similar features, like a curved handle and PVC construction.) 


Burberry umbrella.

For a large canopy that will stand out in a crowd, this Burberry Trafalgar umbrella in the signature check print is very fancy (with the price tag to match). This is one accessory you definitely do not want to forget on the bus. Available at Nordstrom.

Who it's ideal for: People who want to splurge on rain protection.

Why we're endorsing it: Brand trust, prestige.

Where it could use improvements: Unclear on whether or not it includes a cover.

Size/weight/dimensions: 33”Lx39”D.

Price: $440 at Nordstrom.


Kikkerland samurai umbrella.

This slim Kikkerland Umbrella Samurai has an adjustable vertical body strap for hands-free transport (yes, it slings across the body). The long handle, modelled after its namesake sword, reinforced fibreglass construction and an automatic-open button get it rave reviews from users.

Who it's ideal for: People prone to forgetting their umbrella.

Why we're endorsing it: User reviews, construction.

Where it could use improvements: This umbrella is pretty long (which might make it awkward to carry for more petite people).

Size/weight/dimensions: 38.7”L.  

Price: $48.54 at Amazon.



After a successful Kickstarter campaign, A.Brolly Tube umbrellas are available to Canadians on Amazon. This UK invention is the lightest umbrella on the market, weighing just 3oz (or 87g). It is designed to be lighter than a phone or a set of keys, so it can be slipped into a bag or even a large inner coat pocket and forgotten about until it’s needed. It comes in a hard plastic shell and lots of peppy colours.

Who it's ideal for: Someone who doesn’t want to have to remember their umbrella every time they leave the house.

Why we're endorsing it: Unique design and size.

Where it could use improvements: Higher price point for a mini-umbrella. 

Size/weight/dimensions: 23.7 x 5.1 x 4.7 cm (3oz).

Price: $48.53 at Amazon.


Stephen Joseph child umbrella.

For little ones learning to navigate dress themselves (even if that means rubber boots in July and bathing suit bottoms in December), these child-size umbrellas with cartoonish graphics (zoo animalsshark and princess are some of the options) have pop-up details that will make it easy to spot them in the pick-up lineup at daycare or school.

Who it's ideal for: Small hands learning to use an umbrella.  

Why we're endorsing it: Kid-friendly open/close mechanism with no button, lightweight.

Where it could use improvements: Small size, so they will eventually outgrow it.

Size/weight/dimensions: One size.

Price: From $31 at Amazon (but the prices fluctuate wildly based on availability).