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7 types of pillows that will transform your living room

Shop pillow designs that complement any type of room style, including mid-century modern, traditional, farmhouse, eclectic, minimalist and more.
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Feel like the living room is missing something?

Throw pillows: fussy extra or necessary accessory?

That wholly depends on preference. 

However, there is a reason why every hyper-stylized designer photo of a living room includes several throw pillows casually tossed about: it adds layers of warmth and texture to any size of space.

Couches are an investment that anchors a room, which is why the best-selling ones in Canada are mostly sleek styles in muted and neutral tones. Going for a classic and practical design makes sense for a purchase that big, but pillows aren't so serious. 

Adding a few special ones to a couch is an inexpensive and low-maintenance way to tie together the decor style, add a pop of personality and make it a little more comfy.

British designer Indian Hicks has a biography many people who binged The Crown would be interested in (her grandfather was Prince Charles’s mentor Lord Mountbatten and she was a bridesmaid to Princess Diana).

She cut out of royal life in her teens and has since forged a successful design career. Her current collaboration with home decor stalwart Jonathan Adler includes this needlepoint beetle pillow. It's a touch gothic but still classic (there’s also a matching jewelry tray).

Who it's ideal for: Shoppers who want a classic piece with a twist. 

Why we're endorsing it: The unique print, affordable price and design collaboration.

Where it could use improvements: Mix and match companion pieces would be nice.

Size/weight/dimensions: 12" x 12"

If gussying up a plain grey couch is on the design to-do list, colour and a bold print can do the trick. Jonathan Adler’s striking Bargello Supergraphic Pillow is a maximalist choice an entire room could be built around it.

Who it's ideal for: Shoppers looking for a bright geometric design. 

Why we're endorsing it: Jonathan Adler is a home decor master; the pillow is handmade. 

Where it could use improvements: It's a higher price point than most throw pillows.

Size/weight/dimensions: 40 cm x 30 cm

Ever wanted a cozy pair of Uggs... for your head? These fluffy pillows come in cute shapes, including a heart, moon, cloud, rainbow and mountain, most for under $50. They're a fun way to warm up a living room come fall and winter.

Who it's ideal for: Child, tween, teens and dorm rooms. 

Why we're endorsing it: Softness and unique shapes. 

Where it could use improvements: Not machine washable. 

Size/weight/dimensions: 17" x 18"

To add some texture without clutter, these Eonoyar Throw Pillow Covers are an inexpensive (under $25/two-pack) option. The soft beige and subtle print would match pretty much any decor style. If the light shade is a concern, these are machine washable. (Note: does not include inserts, but those can be bought separately on Amazon.)

Who it's ideal for: Shoppers wanting to try a new kind of pillow for cheap. 

Why we're endorsing it: Inexpensive and great user reviews. 

Where it could use improvements: Pillow inserts not included. 

Size/weight/dimensions: 18" x 18"

These Canadian-made pillow covers (available via a Canadian Etsy seller and in four different configurations) have textured detailing like braiding, beading, fringe, knit and tassels. These add layers and softness to a space with a definite boho feel, which could be mixed in with contemporary or traditional design.

Who it's ideal for: Shoppers who love intricate boho design. 

Why we're endorsing it: Canadian company, small batch, complete set of pillows. 

Where it could use improvements: Wool and cotton can only be spot cleaned. 

Size/weight/dimensions: Depends on package configuration. 

These eye-catching knotted pillows are available in 25 different colours and have dozen of rave reviews for quality, shape and comfort. These would work great on a living room chair or mixed in with square pillows.

Who it's ideal for: Shoppers looking for a statement pillow.  

Why we're endorsing it: Canadian company, lots of colour options, excellent reviews on Etsy. 

Where it could use improvements: Because pieces are handmade, delivery can take up to a month. 

Size/weight/dimensions: 12" x 12"

Claim the best spot on the couch with a personal monogram pillow select letters are on sale at Walmart.

Who it's ideal for: Shoppers who love monogram pieces. 

Why we're endorsing it: Inexpensive, made from linen. 

Where it could use improvements: Not all letters are available, does not include pillow insert. 

Size/weight/dimensions: 18" x 18"