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Coquitlam SkyTrain worker praised for 'pretty cool' act of random kindness

Coquitlam crosswalks can get slippery in the winter, especially for seniors with mobility issues.
A SkyTrain attendant at Coquitlam's Lafarge Lake-Douglas station helps a senior walk across a slippery crosswalk at Pinetree and Guildford ways across from city hall.

Not all heroes wear capes.

Some don reflective vests and stand for countless hours on a cold SkyTrain platform to ensure commuters' safety.

Recently, in Coquitlam, one TransLink attendant sought the need to pay it forward for, what some may call, the greatest generation in making sure their safety was valued as well.

On Wednesday (March 1), a SkyTrain worker at the Lafarge Lake-Douglas station was seen guiding an elderly woman across the southbound walkway at the intersection of Guildford and Pinetree ways — directly opposite from city hall.

A bystander took note of the act of random kindness and shared a photo on social media that garnered lots of positive feedback.

"Pretty cool of Skytrain staff to help senior lady cross the street," the original publisher said.

The image appears to show what remained from Tuesday's (Feb. 28) heavy snowfall that hadn't melted away overnight, including smaller portions along the crosswalk.

Coquitlam city crews responded to the weather event by plowing and salting the roads, including sidewalks and street crossings for safe passage for pedestrians.

But even though the sand provides grip for foot traffic, some seniors with mobility issues may still have trouble getting across a street.

The woman in the photo is seen holding a cane, which itself could slide away if it doesn't get good grip on the blacktop.

"Those green bits can get real slippy, good on them," wrote one commenter to the social post.

"The credit goes to the individual who took the time to help the lady cross," said another. "It's definitely not part of their job, that person just has a good heart."

Lafarge Lake-Douglas is one of six SkyTrain stops in the Tri-Cities and is the end of the Evergreen Extension of TransLink's Millennium Line.

Dozens of attendants are seen daily providing up-to-date information for commuters.

And this worker's selflessness may serve a constant reminder for everyone to do a good deed when possible for the sake of the community's well-being. 

"We work alongside some really awesome humans," Metro Vancouver Transit Police (MVTP) added in its own response to the photo after they were tagged by a follower, commending the attendant for stepping up.

"Frontline transit employees have a really tough job, but many of them go above and beyond on a regular basis. It's nice to see them getting recognized."