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How much sun will Vancouver get this week? A lot.

Here comes some heat.

Apollo, the Greek god of the sun, must be happy with Vancouver because we're going to be seeing a lot of his bright rays this week.

Other than a couple clouds on Sunday, which may not show up for everyone in the Metro Vancouver area, skies are expected to be clear throughout the week with nothing but sky blue and sunshine above the city.

That also means a lot of heat, though Environment Canada hasn't issued any warnings.

Sunday, July 24, is the coolest day in the forecast, with a high of 23 C and low of 13 C at night. A breeze will keep things feeling cooler near the ocean, while inland temperatures could feel closer to 28 C, and maybe even hotter as the humidity could make it feel like 33 C.

Monday is similar, with no clouds and a light breeze near the water. The high will peak a bit higher at 24 C. Again, inland areas and the humidex could mean some areas feel closer to 36 C.

From Tuesday on, in the mid-term forecast, things are pretty even, with temperatures around 27 C, clear skies, full sun, and inland temperatures peaking about 6 C higher.

Overnight temperatures from Monday, July 25, to Friday, July 29, are expected to hover around 18 C.

Further inland temperatures will peak even higher, with Chilliwack expected to hit 35 C on Tuesday, July 26. Many areas in the Fraser Valley and further inland show similar temperatures, in the low 30s, throughout the week.