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Photos: This $35M Metro Vancouver house looks like a medieval tavern inside

Need a place for your Robin Hood LARPing?

This massive Langley home looks fit for a lord.

It's one of the most expensive homes on the market in Canada right now, but from some angles it looks more like a 600-year-old English manor, or even tavern. Currently listed for $35 million, it actually costs substantially more than actual English manors.

Dubbed Tannin Manor, the house is on a huge 28.75-acre plot.

Despite all the space outside, it's the (15,300-square-foot) interior that catches the eye. Stone walls, arched doorways, lots of raw lumber, lights that look like torches, huge wooden doors, and ironwork all help create the medieval vibe ready for a Monty Python and the Holy Grail re-enactment.

While not completely designed and decorated as a medieval home or pub, much of it looks like it's been plucked from Robin Hood's era, or at least the Robin Hood film set.

In particular, the bar and wine cellar look like something Game of Thrones could have shot a few scenes in with minimal effort.

It's not all stone, iron, and lumber, though.

"Additional features include a wine cellar, yoga room, bar with pool table, media room, library, and playroom," reads the listing.

The media room is really a home theatre with its own bar. There's also a separate gym area, and a garage the size of many homes in Vancouver.

While there's a $35 million price tag, B.C. Assessment has it valued at $6 million due to the property type (farm land). While the listing shows the luxurious home, the property actually extends further and appears to include structures used for agriculture.