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Surrey RCMP seizes $100,000 of illegal fireworks from store

Halloween and Diwali offer up a double whammy of interest in fireworks in Surrey.
A display of fireworks (unrelated to the seizure in Surrey).

The City of Surrey says it seized $100,000 worth of fireworks from a single retailer that was selling them illegally.

“Bylaw officers conducted online and social media searches for sellers of fireworks in Surrey and identified a retail location allegedly selling fireworks. Officers attended the business and observed several shelves full of fireworks. RCMP seized the fireworks and municipal tickets were issued to the owner as well as two employees,” stated a city news release Monday.

Mayor Brenda Locke suggested the seizure would “surely reduce injuries related to the use of fireworks and firecrackers, as well as alleviate the nuisance noise complaints.”

The city stated it would be enforcing its laws on Halloween and in the days and weeks leading up to Diwali, the South Asian cultural celebration known as the festival of lights.

Fireworks are not entirely outlawed in Surrey, however. They may be sold or discharged with a valid fire department permit and a federal fireworks operator certificate.

The city stated violating the bylaw can result in a penalty of up to $5,000 and a suspension or loss of a business licence for businesses found selling illegal fireworks.

Use of fireworks is a bylaw matter and 911 should not be used to report their use. Rather, the Surrey bylaw department manages complaints through 604-591-4370.