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Two B.C. men reconnect over 35-year-old photo

We're both in our 50s now. I'm still a journalist and he's still skateboarding.

A man from North Vancouver emailed me recently about a photo I took of him skateboarding 35 years ago in Kelowna for a story I wrote while a summer student reporter.

He was asking for the “impossibly long shot” that I might have some other photos or the negatives.

Good news, Jon Lundgren.

Here’s an additional shot I saved from that day in August 1988 and kept in a photo album. I was learning how to develop and process black and white film in a darkroom that summer, so I kept some of the photos I liked best from that summer working for the Kelowna Capital News.

We’re both in our 50s now. I’m still a journalist and he’s still skateboarding, as the attached photos show.

“I've found a group of like-minded veteran skateboarders in the Lower Mainland, and we're still at it, having just as much fun as ever!” he wrote in an email.