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Everything you need to know about how the B.C. storm is affecting Vancouver flights

Know before you go.
Tempestuous Metro Vancouver weather has sparked concern for travellers headed to YVR airport.

Several flights were delayed or cancelled at Vancouver International Airport (YVR) Monday, but the B.C. storm is no longer impacting operations.

Starting on Sunday, Sept. 24, travellers headed to B.C.'s biggest airport were anxiously checking updates to see if their Vancouver flights were cancelled due to a severe storm caused by a bomb cyclone over the Pacific Ocean.

Thirty-eight flights arriving at YVR were delayed and six were cancelled. Ten departing flights were delayed and six were cancelled, according to YVR's flight page.

But YVR spokesperson Emad Egahi said that the airport is not experiencing any delays, cancellations, or other operational impacts caused by the storm. Instead, they were caused due to a variety of other reasons, such as weather or operations at other airports. 

"YVR closely monitors all weather conditions, including the possibility of lightning and high winds, and currently airport operations are proceeding as normal," he told V.I.A.

The storm system is heading northward toward Haida Gwaii rather than onto the mainland, meaning that other parts of B.C. will see more severe weather than Metro Vancouver.

Several arriving Pacific Coastal Airways flights were delayed, including departures from Masset, Bella Coola, and Campbell River; a flight from Tofino to Vancouver was cancelled. These flights originated in areas that are seeing more intense weather. 

How will I know if Vancouver weather will affect my flight from YVR?

Travellers to YVR airport are encouraged to check their flight information the day before they leave for a trip and before they head to the airport on the day of their flight. 

You should also do your online check-in with your airline before heading to the airport. By checking in before you arrive, you can avoid lining up to get your boarding pass and it will appear on your smart device. You may also print off a copy.

Check the local weather forecast and the weather at your destination since both will have an impact on your flight. 

Tools to help you get to and from YVR smoothly

V.I.A.'s Weatherhood provides up-to-date, neighbourhood-specific forecasts about the weather across the Lower Mainland. You can use the interactive map to see weather conditions at the airport with the YVR Richmond City Centre station before you head out. You can also find out what is happening along your commute in places like Downtown Vancouver.

Reserve parking in advance of heading to the airport to save money. There are multiple ways to save money on the commute to YVR if you face poor weather and do not want to take transit.

While inclement weather can reduce the airport's ability to operate at its highest safety standards, it works with its airline partners to manage arrivals and departures as teams work to clear any snow and ice from aprons, taxiways, runways, and de-ice aircraft.