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Bob Kronbauer: You can still get an entire cake for under $5 in B.C.

The icing is the best part
McCain Deep and Delicious cake is somehow still available at a reasonable price

Inflation is crazy right now but did you know that you can still find McCain Deep'n Delicious cakes for under $5 in B.C.? An entire cake?

It's true.

If you're like me some of your fondest childhood memories involve digging into one of these Canadian-made masterpieces, which your parents likely kept in the freezer.

Somehow the icing doesn't freeze at all, and the cake is never as hard as you expect it to be coming straight out of the deep freeze, but the joy that this affordable dessert has brought to many Canadians cannot be understated.

And, in fact, it's still bringing joy. Specifically, to my freezer and my stomach - I'm currently obsessed with the chocolate variety, and no this is not a paid endorsement.

Somehow not affected by inflation, the price of this cake at Walmart is currently $4.87.

Up the street at IGA and Shoppers you'll find it for $6.49. Loblaws has it for $6.99, and you may or may not be surprised to learn that the most expensive place to buy it is Save-On-Foods, which sells it for $7.49 (54% higher than Walmart).

Have your cheap cake and eat it too.


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