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Rotary recognizes Peace Builder Award recipients

Awards presented on International Day of Peace
The Rotary Club of Tsawwassen presented Peace Builder Awards to Delta Police Const. Mike Tegart and KinVillage resident Paul Madden on Sept. 21 at Rotary Square. Mike Su Photo

The Rotary Club of Tsawwassen has once again recognized community work and achievement with this year’s Peace Builder Awards.

The Rotary Club Peace Builder Award is presented each year to honour the United Nations’ International Day of Peace. The award recognizes the efforts of individuals, groups, or organizations residing, operating, or contributing to the Tsawwassen community who are actively fostering a peaceful culture and actively countering racism, violence, discrimination, bullying, corruption, and other factors that contribute to peace.

The first award presented at the Sept. 21 ceremony at Rotary Square, was to Paul Madden for his dedication to the restoration and maintenance of KinVillage’s Courtyard Garden, which transformed into a tranquil sanctuary for other residents.

Madden moved to KinVillage’s care home as his care needs grew, however, this transition occurred during the pandemic when family visits were restricted, and healthcare staff wore masks, making it a challenging adjustment.

With the support of the care home staff, Madden gradually adapted and discovered the Courtyard Garden’s significance. Recognizing its need for special attention, he willingly embraced the role of its caretaker amidst the changing lifestyle.

“I have to put a lot of credit on all the volunteers that helped us at KinVillage,” he said. “It was run down quite badly when I got there, and I just thought it would look nicer if we did some work on it. “It looks twice as good now. People who are in the care home, they come out to the garden and sit. It’s a nice place for them to be.”

The other award went to Delta Police Const. Mike Tegart for his role as the conduit between the Tsawwassen First Nation (TFN) and the DPD.

By combining aspects of conventional criminal justice with the principles of Indigenous community justice, Tegart’s work enhanced the bond between law enforcement and the Indigenous community.

“I am honoured and deeply grateful to receive this award,” said Tegart. “This recognition is not just for me, but our entire team, who remains committed to serving TFN with the utmost respect for Indigenous history, traditions and culture. Together, we continue to build a progressive model honouring TFN’s heritage and values.”