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SDSS grad committee launches sponsorship campaign

The SDSS Parent Dry Grad Committee is asking for your help through their Sponsor an SDSS Grad Campaign.
SDSS grad class
Pictured is the 2021 grad class from South Delta Secondary when they were in Grade 8.

Senior year is typically the high point of a student’s time in high school, but that’s not the case for the 2021 graduating class at South Delta Secondary.

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, all the highly-anticipated social events that usually happen in a typical grad year, such as the Winter Formal, Spring Fling, and the Grad Cruise have not taken place. Furthermore, the pandemic’s continuing health restrictions make it unfeasible to hold the final Dry Grad celebration, which traditionally includes a dinner, dance and red-carpet event.

Missing these milestone experiences is taking a toll on the teenage students, both emotionally and psychologically. Now is their one and only chance to celebrate graduating high school and they are losing hope that it will be possible.

“As parents we are immensely proud that the students have been so resilient during this very challenging year, but we fear there is only so much isolation and canceling of events that they can take,” said the SDSS dry grad planning committee.

To keep the hope alive – and give the teens something to look forward to – the Dry Grad Committee has formulated a plan and is reaching out to the community for support.

Rather than have a single grad event with all students, a multitude of smaller events will be organized in accordance with public health orders that are in place come May/June to ensure that every one of the 301 grads are included and has a memorable experience.

While some fund-raising events have been possible, including the selling of Christmas poinsettias in December, Mother’s Day floral baskets coming in May, and donating empties at any Return It Depot to the SDSS Dry Grad account (simply enter 604-943-7405 at the Express Kiosk!), other fund-raising sources like dry grad donations at liquor stores have stopped during the pandemic.

To help create some memories for the 2021 SDSS grads, the SDSS Parent Dry Grad Committee is asking for your help through their Sponsor an SDSS Grad Campaign. For a small donation of $25 one can sponsor a 2021 SDSS grad. Each $25 donation will supplement the costs for one grad to attend the grad red carpet walk and a dinner. One can sponsor as many grads as they wish. Any leftover funds will carry over to following grad years.

“We are not expecting much, so anything the Dry Grad Committee can do will be welcomed,” said Grade 12 student Amy Henrikson.

If you would like to donate to campaign simply e-transfer to [email protected].

If your local business is able to make an in-kind donation of product for door prizes/decorations etc., please contact the committee at [email protected].

The committee will also be launching a website for the community to stay up-to-date on the fundraising progress. You can reach the website: starting April 1.