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Volunteers are Delta’s rich ‘social capital’

The city’s website has a list of ways people can get involved
Volunteers help the City of Delta provide residents with free or affordable events. City of Delta Photo

Have you ever marvelled at the aerial acrobatics at the Boundary Bay Air Show…and then found it even more amazing that you didn’t have to pay to watch such a stunning display of derring-do?

Maybe you’ve cheered on one of the musical acts at the Luminary Festival or taken part in a parks program that ran with ease and efficiency.

If so, then you’ve witnessed the incredible role that volunteers play in the City of Delta.

As much as volunteers help the city keep its promise to make as many events as possible free or affordable, there’s also an underlining benefit to knowing so many people are willing to donate their time and talent to making Delta such a vibrant community, says the city’s community services manager.

“Volunteers instill this culture of giving back,” says Kathy Steel. “Good volunteers really set the example for others and inspire generosity in the community.

“If you’re at a special event, it inspires people to say, ‘Hey, I could do that, too.’ And ‘Hey, that looks fun.’”

Seeing such civic duty in action is especially important for young people.

“When young people start volunteering, they get a sense of a social conscience and they start to see what their future might look like,” Steel says. “As they grow, they keep building on these experiences and contribute to the community. We’ve seen volunteers keep coming back to us in various capacities throughout their lives, and that’s exciting.”

Just as Delta is a diverse city, its opportunities for volunteerism are also diverse.

“There is an opportunity for everyone,” she says. “If we don’t have a volunteer opportunity written out, we will create one because we want to make sure that our volunteer opportunities are inclusive.”

The city’s website has a list of ways people can get involved. Steel knows from experience that staff throughout various departments are always gratified to know people are willing to step in to provide much needed assistance.

“We’re looking for a lot of diverse skills,” she says. “We look for people who are enthusiastic and keen to assist their community. We’re looking for young people but also older adults and seniors, as well as teams who may want to do a group exercise together for such things as setting up and taking down events.”

To find out more how you can contribute to Delta’s rich tapestry, go to