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Heart-wrenching TikTok honouring those who’ve passed goes viral

Richmond musician invites hundreds to help create “wall of pain and remembrance” to Up soundtrack.
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Richmond musician invites hundreds to help create “wall of pain and remembrance” to Up soundtrack.

A Richmond-raised singer-songwriter has put lyrics to a popular movie soundtrack to create a heart-wrenching music video that’s not just gone viral but has brought “a sense of relief” to thousands grieving the loss of a loved one.

Emilee Moore’s TikTok, which has had more than 20 million views so far, is set to a snippet of the soundtrack for the 2009 Oscar-winning, computer-animated movie Up. The movie tells the story of 78-year-old balloon salesman Carl Fredricksen who has lost his childhood sweetheart and beloved wife.  

The part of the soundtrack Moore chose is from a poignant scene in the movie. And since it has no lyrics, Moore decided to add some.

"I just decided, let me try something. I was thinking about my grandmother, who passed away due to COVID, and I just wrote over that part. Then I thought, why don't I just put this up on TikTok and see if people like that. Because lots of people know that movie and everyone loves that scene," said Moore.

The music immediately blew up on TikTok with people using it to produce their own videos to remember loved ones who had passed away. 

@emilee.mooreeee this scene kills me 😭😭 #heartbreak #grief #heartbroken #fyp #songwriter #songwritersoftiktok ♬ up soulmate by emilee moore - Emilee Moore

"Many people reached out saying this song has brought them a 'sense of relief' after feeling lost and alone in their grief for months, weeks, and even years. I had several people even reach out before the song came out asking if they could have a copy of it to use for funerals of their loved ones," said Moore. 

Realizing how powerfully the music was resonating, Moore invited people to send her photos of loved ones they’d lost.  The response was incredible, said Moore.

Her Instagram account was flooded with more than 1,000 direct messages from people sending in photos and sharing stories of people they’d lost. 

Moore created a second version of the music video which includes hundreds of the photos submitted to honour their lives and create a community for those who are still grieving.

As seen in the newly released music video Up in the Sky on YouTube, Moore fastens rows of photos to a white wall, while words recall memories of some of those lost.

Moore describes it as “a wall of pain and remembrance” for the precious souls that have left this earth. 

"This song has an indescribable power to it, and I truly believe it's changing lives. More people need to hear this, especially since the world is still processing all the losses from COVID. 

“I wrote this song about my grandma who passed away from COVID in 2020 and it has helped me grieve in ways I can't explain. And I know it has helped so many others in the same way," said Moore.