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Ikea Canada recalls mirror due to the risk of it falling

You can either replace the wall fittings or request a refund.
Ikea apologizes for any inconvenience this recall for repair action may cause.

Ikea is urging all customers who purchased a LETTAN mirror with a date stamp between 1901 and 2105 to stop using it.

The recall announcement comes after the Swedish home furnishing retailer stated that mirror's fittings may result in wall breakage.

"Ikea develops its products using a rigorous risk assessment and testing program," the company said in a statement Jan. 12.

"Despite this, it has come to our attention that some of the fittings that attach LETTAN mirrors to the wall have been breaking. This has in turn led to some mirrors unexpectedly falling."

Customers who own the mirror should order replacement wall fittings for free, or request a full refund.

For replacement fittings, customers should contact Ikea with the item number 139298/1.

Proof of purchase is not required.