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Mini golf has advantages over traditional game

Putt putt a big improvement over usual game of golf

The game is going well. The game, in fact, is going very well. The game, I must report, saw me shoot an even-par 54 last weekend.

Never mind that it was a par three. Never mind that the average hole was eight yards long. Never mind that I needed nothing in the way of a seven iron or a pitching wedge.

Never mind that there were no trees or bunkers or manicured greens, but plenty in the way of chutes, bridges, windmills and blinking lighthouses, as well as a neighbouring bumper car water park and a food cart that dished out candy floss, shaved ice, corn dogs and milk shakes.

OK, so it wasn't a golf course, per se. In fact, it wasn't a golf course at all.

It was a putt putt. A mini golf. Or, as I like to call it: a really big improvement on the usual game of golf.

OK, so some folks - men, mostly, I imagine - would disagree. When

they play golf, they like to carry the big, old bag, the one that weighs a good 20 pounds and carries a range finder and upwards of a dozen clubs, three dozen balls, four or five gloves and an entire change of clothing, just in case it rains.

They will carry devices to scope the ball, to clean the ball and to mark the ball.

They will wear golf shoes and golf hats and golf shirts and carry golf markers in their pockets and score cards in their hands.

I got to do that, too - well, the score card part. Didn't have to do the shoe or the shirt thing, though, because putt putt is way more chill. You don't have to wear something with a collar that's tucked in nicely. Heck, you can wear a bathing suit if you want, which is something I have never seen at your non-windmill golf courses.

Hey, I like putt putt.

And as I say, it beats the heck out of those courses that have things like grass and sand and trees.

Think about it. You don't have to book a tee time 48 hours in advance. You don't have to worry about losing your ball or replacing the divots. And you don't have to think about etiquette, because, as near as I can tell, there isn't any.

Never mind that it's not the traditional game. I only care about my score.

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