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Minister's minute: A hands-on approach

That’s about as hands on as it gets!
Hands on bible
A man reading the Holy Bible.

For generations human beings have believed that the earth, our world, stood at the centre of the cosmos. Scientists have shown us otherwise.

The solar system is part of the Milky Way Galaxy, of which there are countless number in an expanding universe. Thinking about that it is easy to feel small—microscopic, in fact. Gazing up at a star-spangled sky, it is indeed easy to believe that the one who created the universe has taken a “hands off” approach in managing reality, is distant and indifferent to what goes on down here on earth. The Bible says otherwise.

Despite the vastness of the cosmos and the comparative smallness of humanity in relation to it all, human life is of immeasurable significance because God created us with the intention that we live in good relationship with God and each other. But humans chose to defy God.

We see the result in a pain-filled world where so much is wrong. So, the same God who made it all, who got it all started, who created the expansive cosmos and all that it contains, came into that same creation to heal and redeem it. He was born in a stable to humble people.

He preached and healed. He died on the cross at the hands of sinful humans. He rose again and will come again to make all things new.

That’s about as hands on as it gets!