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Minister's minute: Engaged in universal joy at Christmas

Wherever we are this Christmas may we engage in the universal joy that God brings.
Jesus Christ

Music ripples out of cars and scratchy stereo speakers at every corner, and out of every home in the neighbourhood. It’s the last month of the year and school is out for the little ones.

There’s chatter, laughter, bargaining, picture-taking - a spring in everyone’s step. These are just some of the ways you can tell that uKisimusi, or Christmas, in Zimbabwe, has arrived.

“Christmas in Zimbabwe is packed with festive activity. The universal joy of Christmas is certainly wonderful.” (Author unknown)

For many in Zim, clocking in for morning church services gets Christmas Day started. It is often the only time of year that one’s entire family is gathered under one roof to fellowship.

Christmas Eve is when the food preparations start because a large meal for a large family is on the menu. Sometimes an animal is slaughtered, and traditional beer is hand-brewed out of sorghum or malt, for a big feast. You can also look forward to mouthwatering okra relish and nutty pumpkin soup accompanied by staple starches like stiff corn meal and peanut butter rice. Ideally, there is more than enough food to go around for seconds and thirds because hey, Christmas only comes once a year!

Wherever we are this Christmas, may we engage in the universal joy that God brings.

As we unwrap our Christmas presents and enjoy the festivities, remember the greatest gift God has unwrapped for us, his Son Jesus Christ.

Merry Christmas!