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Minister's Minute: Grace in small things

You and I are, the mustard seed which keeps growing
Hands on bible
A man reading the Holy Bible.

Today I would like to look at the grace that is sometimes in small things.

Is it not interesting that what is perceived as small things today, sometimes turn out to be the big things tomorrow?

Walt Disney is today recognized as one of the greatest business leaders. The global Disney empire has earned him the record for the most Academy Awards received by any individual, yet in 1919, he was fired by the Kansas City Star because his editor said, he “lacked imagination and had no good ideas?”

Friends, small things today, may turn out to be the big things tomorrow!

In Mark 4: 30-32 Jesus gives a parable, one about the mustard seed, so tiny in comparison to the other seeds in Israel. Yet with time, it grows into a huge shrub as much as five metres high, large enough for birds to nest in its branches, and roost in its shade. This parable belongs to the parables of the kingdom. They are meant to encourage the disciples, including you and me, to be strong especially when we are planting seeds of love in our community. Sometimes it will be slow. Sometimes there are no immediate results. Sometimes there is no appreciation from people. There will always be difficult people. There will always be challenges. Do not let them discourage you.

You and I are, the mustard seed which keeps growing. Little by little, step by step let us do those works which make the kingdom of God a present reality: the small deeds of justice, the small deeds of obedience, the small deeds of love and the small deeds of compassion.

These may seem insignificant, but they are what makes the community, the mustard seed, grow into a giant shrub where the birds of the air — the poor and homeless, come and find food, fellowship, and friendship.