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Minister's Minute: Hope of brighter days

Hope is powerful; it sustains and strengthens us in times of darkness.
Religion on the inside column
A woman is pictured reading the holy bible.

Many Vancouverites complain about the weather most of the year and we have one thing that we wait for each year… summer!

The warm weather last week attests to the fact that summer is finally here. People who experience Seasonal Affective Disorder and others who are simply thankful for the brighter days of summer really appreciate how good this time of the year is—summer is full of hope in our beautiful city. Our summers are glorious!

During the pandemic, I learned that I was much better at enduring the challenges of a global crisis during summer compared to fall or winter. I looked forward to spending more time in the sun and the literally (and figuratively) brighter days of summer, especially in those dark days of isolation. The idea that summer is coming gives us hope in raincouver.

Similarly, people of Ancient Israel in 8th century BCE were going through some dark days as well; being invaded by a powerful force called the Assyrians. However, in their state of gloom, the Prophet Isaiah pointed the nation of Israel to a future hope that would sustain them in the present darkness: “The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light; those who dwelt in a land of deep darkness, on them has light shone” (Isaiah 9:2).

Hope is powerful; it sustains and strengthens us in times of darkness.

More than 700 years later, a man named Matthew would refer to Isaiah’s “light” and declare that Jesus is this light to whom Isaiah was looking forward. Another man named John also confessed that “The true light, which gives light to everyone, was coming into the world,” as he introduced Jesus to his readers (John 1:9).

Just as we look forward to summer each year (especially in those gray days of winter), may we look to the light of Jesus and find hope for brighter days; especially on those days where hope seems so distant. As we celebrate Canada Day tomorrow, I pray that our nation would find life-giving hope in Jesus Christ. Hope is powerful. I pray you find it.

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