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Minister's Minute: It is possible

An amazing life filled with purpose is possible.
Hands on bible
A man reading the Holy Bible.

Possibility’ woke up with you this morning. It’s constantly lingering in the air around you. What can I do today?

Your ‘possibility’ is ready to enlarge your life. Possibility means you are aware of God who is behind all things good and makes all things possible to those who believe. With avid all things are possible.

Matthew 19:26: And looking at them Jesus said to them, “With people this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”

Yet, opposing possibility is the anxious and attention seeking ‘limitation’.

Limitation waits for you to wake up, so that it can remind you of all you can’t do today. It also lingers to let you know you don’t have enough time, strength, abilities, resources, or talent to even consider what possibility is trying to suggest.

Limitation is annoyingly loud and obnoxious. Limitations never allow God’s ‘possibility’ into the situation as limitation would rather you focus on your lack so you make a more appropriate choice. Every day these two forces ask you to choose.

“Choose me,” says limitation, “don’t overstretch and believe in the ‘possibility’ that is in God, you will only fail.”

It will limit your loving kindness, your grace, and your believing.

“But”, possibility shouts, “There is another way! Perfection is not required for it to be possible.” Possibility says, “Come on! Step out! Take a leap! Let’s go! Trust God!”

So, which will lead you today? Whose counsel will you take? Only you can decide. As the one you greet will become the one you meet. You must choose, but just a little suggestion, say hello to possibility and you will find limitation won’t have much to say to you today.

With God - Joy is possible, freedom is possible, and hope is possible. An amazing life filled with purpose is possible.