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Minister's Minute: Sending a prayer for our kids

These are not the only prayers to pray as this school year begins, but it’s a start.
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A man reading and praying with the Holy Bible.

Like for many families, our kids returned to school this week after a great summer.

They’ve had an amazing summer, the one even had “the best week of her life,” but they are also ready to get into the new possibilities this year in school will bring.

As parents, we are praying for our kids and we thought we share them with you for inspiration. 

Here are some of our prayers:

God protect our kids from the desire of popularity.

Even as an adult I feel the tug toward compromise if it means being liked or accepted. Let them not compromise their values and faith. I’m praying that our kids would find their worth and identity in Jesus rather than in the “likes” they receive from others.

God guard them from comparison.

Our kids are going to come in contact with others who have more than they do. We’re praying, God guard them from comparison and instead teach them a sense of contentment, thankfulness, and generosity.

God help them see our home as a safe place.

Help them to see that they can be themselves, with all their insecurities, fears, and hurts. They will always be safe at home.

God create in them a desire to communicate with us.

Let us have more than one word answers… “good” or “fine.”

We pray that we will be present to give them the opportunity to communicate honestly with us about the real things that are going on in their lives. Let them confide in us regarding the things they aren’t willing or able to share anywhere else.

Teach them perseverance.

With each grade, the homework grows more intense. While I’m still able to help our second grader with her math, our ninth grader has moved beyond my capability. That’s a difficult thing for me, but it’s an opportunity for them to learn a great life lesson - the perseverance to keep at it.

These are not the only prayers to pray as this school year begins, but it’s a start.

And our prayer for all the parents: God help us to represent your love, kindness, compassion, discipline, and forgiveness towards our children.

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