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Reach campaign looking to give the Gift of Speech

Early intervention is key to child’s development
Haris Tsaoussis is shown working with speech language pathologist Sheena Kirkland.

Reach Child and Youth Development Society hopes to raise $10,000 during its 2017 holiday appeal to fund 20 children to receive speech therapy.

The Gift of Speech 2017 features videos of three-year-old Haris Tsaoussis during therapy with Sheena Kirkland, speech language pathologist and coordinator of the Reach Early Intervention Therapies Program.

“Haris’s family is significantly involved in his therapy and they have a good understanding of his strengths and challenges,” says Kirkland. “His team has noticed a significant positive change to his resting facial posture over the past year and a half. We are looking forward to seeing how continuing with his goals will continue to improve Haris’s confidence and his ability to make himself understood.”

The ability to communicate effectively with others is the very foundation of a child’s social, emotional and educational development. Research has shown the first few years are the most critical period for change so early identification and intervention are absolutely key.

The earlier a communication disorder is identified, the better the chances for improvement or even recovery. Because learning is a cumulative process, difficulties early on can have a cascading effect on the rest of a child’s life. 

Over 60 children are connected to a speech-language pathologist at Reach and have ongoing services available to them. Gift of Speech 2017 donations help these children.

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