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All the King’s Women next up for Sidekick Players

Production opens on March 29 at the Tsawwassen Arts Centre
The Sidekick Players cast for All the King’s Women includes: Tina Freigang, Erica Bearss, Cathy Collis, Nick Arathoon, Elvis, Chris Reid, Teala Pannell, Marcia Strang and Sarah Green. Photo courtesy Carroll Lefebvre

The Sidekick Players present All the King’s Women by Luigi Jannuzzi and directed by Carroll Lefebvre.

This highly entertaining play portrays the life and times of Elvis Presley through the voices of 17 women, some enthralled, some appalled and all obsessed, and their “near Elvis experiences” in a series of vignettes spanning from 1946 when Elvis bought his first guitar to the present.

Elvis is the subject of interest, but the scenes are about the impact of the lives and the culture he affected, and how society deals with celebrity…arousing characters that are distinct and vividly brought to life by humour and emotional revelations. A play that affects the senses, heart, mind, and soul. One doesn’t have to be an Elvis fan going in, to walk away with a deep appreciation for “the King” at the conclusion.

From shudders to swoons, and from giggles to grief, the six women and two men cast deliver a solid performance.

Each female actor performs more than one role and every one of them will make you Elvis fans forever.

“I am so fortunate to have had the talented women audition for this difficult play,” said Lefebvre. “The hardest part for me was just deciding who would play who. Every one of them could have mastered each role.”

The cast includes Cathy Collis, Erica Bearss, Tina Freigang, Marcia Strang, Sarah Green, Teala Pannell, Nick Arathoon and Chris Reid.

All the cast are post-Elvis. His music and his celebrity didn’t mean a lot to them but now, with the history they’ve uncovered, and the music Lefebvre has made them listen to, their eyes have opened to the man he really was. Chances are that the audience will learn something new about him as well.

All the King’s Women opens March 29 and runs to April 13, Friday, and Saturday evenings at 8 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday matinees at 2 p.m.

Reservations can be made by calling 604-288-2415.