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Ladner actors play lead supporting roles in Netflix show

Three movies made from Ivy and Bean book series
Claire Smid(1)
Ladner student Claire Smid will be in Netflix movie in September.

A family movie that centres on an odd couple of friends, features plenty of Ladner talent, coupled with some familiar settings, will give Ladnerites something to watch for when it’s released on Netflix, Sept. 2.

Claire Smid, 11, from Ladner, plays Vanessa, a school friend of Ivy and Bean, which is also the name of the film.

Ivy & Bean is based on books by the same name that depict the misadventures of the more well-to-do Ivy and the more spontaneous Bean.

Another Ladner actor, Garfield Wilson, plays the father of Bean.

Claire’s mom Michelle Smid, said that her daughter has never acted before and was just contacted by another actor’s agent.

“So she auditioned over Zoom and she got it,” Michelle said.

Claire’s character is level headed, her mother explained.

“So basically, (Vanessa) is not a lot of fun because she thinks so pragmatically,” she added.

“She isn’t a lot fun. She thinks their magic and potions are so silly and that magic isn’t real. She finds Ivy and Bean’s potions and magic over the top.”

Movies have been made on three of the Ivy & Bean books in the series, Books 1, 2 and 6.

Claire, who’s going into Grade 6, is currently waiting for the film to air but then may try for other roles after, said Michelle.

The film was shot last summer throughout Metro Vancouver, with some shots also at the Vancouver Aquarium and outside the Vancouver Planetarium.

Michelle said there were several other people from Ladner on the crew.

“It was exciting to see how many people from Ladner were involved in the making of Ivy & Bean,” she said.