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Ladner author self-publishes second book

Daniel Joseph’s new book explores teachings from his father’s journal entries
Daniel Joseph
Daniel Joseph prefers the term “self-evolution” over self-help to describe his new book, Wise Words From A Father.

Daniel Joseph prefers the term “self-evolution” over self-help to describe his new book, Wise Words From A Father.

Based off the journal entries of the Ladner creative’s own father, Gilbert Joseph, he transcribed an array of entries that covered all sorts of topics, like relationship advice and spirituality, while adding his own perspectives along the way.

“It really is a multi-generational labour of love,” says Joseph.

As he was writing the book, which he started in 2012, he became a father, himself.

“Then it became not just listening and reading to my dad’s wise words, and a part of the book then becomes me now being a dad and, as a father, providing my own wise words to my own son. So, that’s what kind of brings it full circle,” says Joseph.

The book was written to share wisdom and lessons, but not only to those on the path of fatherhood.

“It’s to act as a reminder that we already have a lot of wisdom and knowledge within us, and we sometimes just need a reminder and that little nudge in the right direction to be our best and true to self ... When you get a perspective from someone completely different, that is outside of your echo chamber, you gain some insights, learn some new perspectives that can make you more well-rounded,” he says.

Wise Words From A Father can be found digitally through Kindle and will soon be available as a paperback on Amazon.

Joseph plans to have his book available at Black Bond Books in Ladner in 2022 once the pandemic has settled down, as he hopes to do another book signing, like the one he did back in 2012 for his first book, Me, My Dreams and I.

In addition to his writing, Joseph is also an actor and filmmaker, with his most recent project being associate producer on Vancity Raps, a feature documentary capturing the intrinsic, robust hip hop scene in Vancouver.