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Mean Girls is “so fetch” at the SDSS Equinox Theatre

Production runs from March 4 to 9
The yellow cast from the SDSS production of Mean Girls High School version pictured left to right; Mateo Mazari, Madison Tchir, Nicole Abercrombie, Clare McMonigal, Petra Frisch and Emily Martin. Photo courtesy SDSS

Their performance will be sure to have you saying “that’s so FETCH” after taking in the new Broadway musical based on the 2004 film written by the comedy genius Tina Fey.

South Delta Secondary Equinox Theatre presents Mean Girls High School Version next week in Tsawwassen. The curtain rises on this year’s production on Monday, March 4th and closes Saturday, March 9th with performances at 7 p.m. nightly.

You will feel like you stepped right into high school as you journey alongside Cady.

Cady may have grown up on an African savannah, but nothing has prepared her for the wild and vicious ways of her strange new home: suburban Illinois. How will this naïve newbie rise to the top of the popularity pecking order? By taking on The Plastics, a trio of lionized frenemies led by the charming but ruthless Regina George. But when Cady and her new friends, Janis and Damien, hatch a plan to end Regina’s reign, she learns the hard way that you can’t take down a Queen Bee without getting stung.

Artistic director Bria Shantz, says the musical theatre, stage craft and pit band students have been working on the production since September. The production showcases two casts, two crews and one band with more than 100 students involved.

“This year the challenge has been navigating a story that highlights the unfortunate reality that the high school experience can be filled with heart-breakingly mean interactions, both in person and especially on social media,” said Shantz. “How do we depict this on stage with authenticity while also making it clear that ‘being mean’ is not the way forward. How do we make better choices and connect with one another without being mean? This often comes with the willingness to be vulnerable; a scary feeling at the best of times but especially through adolescence.”

The students working on the production choose to emulate the lessons of kindness from the show in their interactions with one another.

Sam Adams, a Grade 12 student and the stage manager for both cast’s productions says, “it was very cool to see everyone come together to get in gear for technical rehearsals.”

She is excited to share the “dedication of crew, cast and band” with audiences in the coming week.

Tickets for the show are $23 for adults, $18 for students/seniors. The show contains some mature content and isn’t suitable for young children. Parental discretion is advised. Purchase tickets online at:

The Equinox Theatre is located at South Delta Secondary, 750-53rd St.