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A brighter future for former Delta demolition waste dumps

River Road from the mid-1980s to mid-1990s had several properties that were used to dump demolition landfill waste
river road development plan in delta by sunbury river road investments
The Saving Our Industrial Lands initiative was developed by Delta to promote the redevelopment of old landfills and create new economic opportunities.

A plan is in the works to convert a former demolition waste landfill site in Delta to a more productive industrial use.

Council recently discussed a staff report which recommends the issuance of a development variance permit to Sunbury River Road Investments Ltd., who are seeking to subdivide a southern parcel from the rest of a property at 8600 River Road, the former site of the Alpha Landfill.

The plan is to “unhook” the parcel as they complete a landfill closure and plan for future development of the site. No development is currently being proposed.

This 16 hectare (40 acre) property consists of three parcels, situated between the Fraser River and Burns Bog Conservancy Area intersected by River Road and Highway 17.

The property was formerly comprised of five lots that extended from the Fraser River to the edge of the Burns Bog Ecological Conservancy Area, which were consolidated in 2020.

The north and south portions are bisected and physically separated by Highway 17 and a railway, and the owner has now submitted a subdivision application to separate the portion of the lands south of Highway 17.

As part of the subdivision, the owner would provide a road dedication along the south property line to accommodate the future extension of Markland Way.

A building permit would not be issued until a lengthy list of environmental requirements were met, however council decided to send the application back to staff to get more information.

Sunbury River Road Investments Ltd. previously said it wants to have a new distribution centre at the site, including a 357,000-square-foot warehouse building.

Last December, the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy approved the owner's request to remove approximately 15 percent of the current site waste volume from the southern parcel via excavation and disposal to an off-site engineered and permitted landfill.

The waste removal will reduce the surface elevation of the property, which has sat vacant for years.