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B&E suspects scared off by neighbour

Delta police subsequently stop vehicle matching description that contains two men with break-in tools

The following are some of the calls of interest the Delta police responded to in the South Delta area between Monday, March 26 and Sunday, April 1:


. March 27, 2: 18 p.m., 5500-block of 18th Avenue: The storage company informed the complainant there was a break and enter to her locker. Two locks on the main door were cut and then the lock on her storage unit was cut. Several wine and beer related products were stolen. Adjacent locker was also broken into. No suspects or video surveillance.

. March 27, 5: 48 p.m., 1600-block of 56th Street: The hotel reported two guest vehicles had been broken into overnight. One of the vehicles had left before police attended. The other vehicle was examined and found to have a hole punched under the door handle to gain entry. A bag of personal accessories, registration papers and a $250 Magellen GPS unit were stolen. Damage to the vehicle: $250.

. March 28, 8: 03 a.m., 5400-block of 4A Avenue: Following a report police discovered a golf bag and clubs on the road that had been stolen from an unlocked vehicle in the neighbourhood. One of the clubs had been used to smash the back window of the complainant's car, causing $300 in damage.

. March 29, 2: 14 a.m., 5500-block of 16th Avenue: Police received a report of two suspicious males in the area that, when approached, fled the scene in a vehicle left idling in the lane. Police stopped a vehicle matching the description and apprehended two males with a history of property offences. Several tools commonly used for break and enter were seized from the truck. Suspects released but case still under investigation.

. March 29, 3: 48 a.m., 300-block of 52nd Street: Police located two males that were reported to be attempting to break into the complainant's vehicle parked in her driveway. One of the males was carrying an empty backpack but no evidence for arrest.

. March 31, 7: 58 p.m., Point Roberts border crossing: Canada Customs officer informed police they were holding a male that had unintentionally driven across the border and attempted to return to Canada. The male had no identification and therefore could not be admitted to Canada. Police were able to identify the individual as a Canadian youth who held a valid learner's licence.

The individual was issued a ticket for driving without his licence and was released to his mother.

. April 1, 1: 26 p.m., 900-block of English Bluff Road: Complainant returned home from a twoweek vacation to find that someone had pried open the basement door and ransacked all the rooms in the house. A Playstation and games valued at $750 were stolen and damage to the alarm system was $300. The break-in is still under investigation.


. March 26, 10: 42 p.m., 4800-block of Elliott Street: A male and female outside the beer and wine store were reported as suspicious. Police attended and were advised that one of the suspects had concealed a bottle of liquor and fled the store two days earlier. The suspect was arrested for theft and released on a promise to appear in court at a future date.

. March 28, 12: 51 a.m., Ladner Harbour Park: Complainant reported a theft from her purse that she had left in a borrowed vehicle she had parked and locked at the dog park area. Debit card, credit cards and a carecard were missing from her wallet. No damage to the vehicle.

. March 30, 7: 07 p.m., 5200-block of Ladner Trunk Road: Police located two youths outside the liquor store that were soliciting adults to purchase liquor. The suspects did not have any liquor in their possession, were warned and sent on their way.

. March 30, 11: 42 p.m., 4700-block of 44B Avenue: Complainant reported a person playing the guitar and singing from a neighbouring home. Police spoke with the neighbour and warned her of a noise bylaw infraction.

. March 31, 3: 50 p.m., 5200-block of Ladner Trunk Road: Complainant provided police with the licence plate number of a vehicle that had caused minor damage to his parked vehicle.

Police contacted the suspect who was unaware she had made contact with another vehicle as she maneuvered around a parking stall and apologized for not remaining at the scene. The suspect was advised that ICBC is involved and that she should report her side of the story to ICBC.

. April 1, 7: 01 p.m., 5200-block of Ladner Trunk Road: Complainant requested police check a male slouched over on a chair outside the supermarket. Police made a check and found a male who was taking a nap after a visit with friends.