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Celebrate Seniors Week at KinVillage

The KinVillage Community Centre has several classes and activities that will keep you moving in a fun social setting
Thomas Barwick/Stone/Getty Images Seniors Week at KinVillage in Tsawwassen will feature several classes and activities such as dance classes.

As an older adult, engaging in physical activity is one of the most important gifts we can give ourselves.

The benefits of physical activity are undisputed. It can prevent or delay many health challenges, and plays an important role in our well-being and quality of life. It can improve our balance, reduce the risk of falls and injuries, help us stay independent longer, and prevent osteoporosis, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, some cancers, and premature death.

Most people know the importance of staying active, yet don’t always follow through. It is helpful to break your activity down into manageable steps, start slowly, and listen to your body. A gym membership is not required; many daily activities like pushing a lawn mower, walking up stairs instead of taking the elevator, carrying your grandchild, or taking a walk can all strengthen your muscles and build stamina.

One of the easiest ways to maintain an active routine is to commit to a group activity. Not only does interacting with others break social isolation and loneliness, risk factors for dementia, it helps make you accountable for attendance.

The KinVillage Community Centre has several classes and activities that will keep you moving in a fun social setting, including fitness and stretch, chair and regular yoga, ball fitness, Pilates, adaptive fitness, functional fitness, line dance, Dancercise, and Jazzercise. There is something for every level of fitness.

Along with physical activity, there are other important factors for aging well such as incorporating fibre rich foods into your diet, exercising your brain as well as your body, and staying socially connected.

Seniors Week is the perfect time for anyone over 50 to try a class or activity at the KinVillage Community Centre (see their ad in this edition). From an ice cream social and brain teasing trivia, to fitness classes, lunch specials at the café, fabulous finds at the Unique Boutique, and a fun beach themed lunch with live music, you are welcome to join in the fun. What are you waiting for? For more info please go to: