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Christmas lights, cables stolen at scene of future Christmas Forest

Grinches have struck again at Tsawwassen Springs
Tsawwassen Springs is dealing with a theft of cable and lights as it prepares for the Festival of Lights which opens Nov. 25.

The Christmas Grinches have arrived early and they’re industrious, stealing buried cable, as well as Christmas lights, that decorate the berm on 52nd Street in front of Tsawwassen Springs Golf Course.

The lights are part of the Festival of Lights fundraiser the golf course puts on to raise money for the Delta Hospital and Community Health Foundation.

Residents, businesses and community groups, sign up to decorate one of the trees in the Christmas Forest as part of the Festival of Lights.

Springs general manager Sue Carlile said the lights along the berm were secured previously after other instances of theft, “only to find that sometime in the last little bit some other thieves have come and stolen another 300 feet (90 metres) of cable from our power source.”

She estimates the loss of the cable, buried 45 cm deep, and the lights, at $6,000.

That could also mean the course will have to hire security to keep watch.

The Festival of Lights takes place Nov. 25 to Jan. 1 at Tsawwassen Springs Golf Course at 5133 Springs Blvd.

For a $125 fee for the Christmas tree, and a minimum donation of $250, donors can decorate and then get their name on a plaque in front of the tree in the Christmas Forest. Delta Mayor George Harvie will be at the official tree-lighting ceremony on Nov. 25, at 6 p.m.