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City gathering input on Ladner Village ideas

The city hopes to make Ladner Village and the waterfront places people will want congregate, spend time and enjoy themselves
Among the projects the city is asking for public feedback is a proposal to rebuild the Elliott Street Wharf, which would include adding seating for people to enjoy the view.

Public engagement by the City of Delta is underway on proposed revitalization projects for Ladner Village.

Feedback is being gathered in several ways including at an information booth at this weekend's Ladner May Days where a map identifying the key projects will be on display.

The projects are preliminary and additional engagement is planned before they proceed, according to the city.

“These projects were largely identified through the work of the Ladner Village Renewal Advisory Committee in their 2021 report. Given some time has passed, the City wants to re-engage with the community about the recommendations and provide residents with an opportunity to learn more and share their feedback before the City begins to move them forward,” said Paula Kolisnek, Corporate Initiatives Manager, in a news release.

The projects include a destination playground at Spot-on-the-Water Park, upgrades to the Chisholm Street Wharf, a new multi-use pathway on Chisholm Street, a new tourist accommodation on the former Delta Hotel site, upgrades to the Elliott Street Wharf, additional pop-up parks and events as well as a branding, signage and wayfinding strategy.

Work on a few of the initiatives has started including consultation on the Bridge Street pop-up park, a feasibility study for a hotel and upgrades to the Chisholm Street Wharf, formerly known as the Seven Seas site.

One of the latest initiatives by the city includes starting a special task force, as well as obtaining the services of a branding and wayfinding consultant to help develop a Ladner Village brand and signage plan that is supported by the broader community.

The biggest move announced by the city recently is the acquisition of commercial properties at 4940 and 4946 Chisholm St. and 4926 Delta St., where a hotel once stood.

All commercial tenants in the buildings were to be provided six-month tenancies, which is to allow time for tenants to find new locations.

The plan is to then begin decommissioning the lands for future development.

An economic feasibility study for all the Delta-owned properties bounded by Delta, Chisholm and Elliott streets is underway to determine the viability of a mixed-use hotel anchor tenant.